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Lindbergh School Involvement
  • Lindbergh Schools Board of Education (2016-present)

    • served as Vice President, Secretary and Director

  • Special School District Governing Council (2017-present)

    • served as Chair and Vice Chair

  • Concord Elementary PTG Board (2019-present)

  • Sperreng Middle School PTO Board (2020-present)

  • Teaching and Learning Board Advisory (2018-present)

  • Technology Board Advisory (2018-present)

  • Facilities Board Advisory (2019)

  • Student Life Board Advisory (2020-present)

  • Start Time Task Force (2020-present)

  • School Opening Task Force (2020-present)

  • Elementary Report Card Task Force (2020-present)

School Volunteer Work
  • Jump Rope for Heart

  • Book Fair

  • Classroom and Teacher Assistance

  • Junior Achievement Volunteer

  • Yearbook Committee

  • Sperreng School Store Volunteer

  • Fun Day Volunteer

  • Field trip Chaperone

  • Class Party Planning

  • Concord Helping Hands  Volunteer

  • Girl Scout Cookie Sales Volunteer

  • Crosswalk


Jennifer Miller has served on Lindbergh's School Board for six years.  She and her husband bought their first home in Lindbergh 17 years ago.  She has two children in the district, a 5th grader at Concord and a 7th grader at Sperreng. As a former special education teacher, Jennifer worked with young children with disabilities and she knows how important it is to get children and students the programs they need to succeed.


Born and raised in South County, Jennifer is the daughter of a retired military member turned educator and a stay-at-home mom. After earning a BA in Deaf Education and an MA in Early Intervention from Fontbonne University, she became a teacher in early childhood special education. Currently, she works as an Early Intervention Therapist with the Missouri First Steps program. She is also a contributing writer for various Parents as Teachers curricula.


The experience Jennifer has gained  gained by having children in the district, combined with her knowledge of early childhood and special education, gives her unique insights into how the district functions - from administration, to teachers, to students. She understands how the decisions of district leadership affects families now and in the future. She sees first hand how curriculum and instruction decisions about reading and writing programs, gifted programming, advanced classes, fine and practical arts programs, and special education impact students - especially as her own children have experienced and benefited from the opportunities the Lindbergh district provides. 

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