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Lindbergh Schools continues to be a district of distinction, academic excellence and sound fiscal practices. Even with one of the lowest tax rates in the county, residents can count on Lindbergh to provide a well-rounded, rigorous education for today's youth. During her tenure on the Board of Education, the district has focused on college-ready and career-ready graduates, increased collaboration and communication with stakeholders and staff, and safe and secure buildings. These all benefit the ones who matter most: the students! Jennifer will ensure excellence in all areas and seek out continuous improvements to allow Lindbergh to remain a sought-after district for years to come. 

Reading & Writing

Expand our work in structured literacy to ensure all students are reading and writing proficiently. 

Fiscal Responsibility

By using zero-based budgeting we are able to find budget efficiencies to benefit students. 


All Lindbergh students deserve a challenging, rigorous curriculum to provide growth in all areas of learning.


Ensuring transparency allows our community to be invested in our district.


A system of checks and balances to ensure work is being carried out as intended.

Safety & Security

Students need to feel safe and secure in school in order to learn. 


As a parent of a child with a reading and writing disability, Jennifer knows how imperative it is to have a systematic, explicit literacy program that focuses on phonics, phonemic awareness, decoding and fluency. She has advocated for Lindbergh to identify its weaknesses and make changes. K-5 teachers are currently piloting ELA curriculums that meet these standards and better align reading and writing instruction.

For Students:

  • 2018-2019 - Phonics Pilot

  • 2019-2020 - Implement Sonday (K-2) & Heggerty (K-1)

  • 2020-2021 - Implement Sonday (3rd-5th grades)

  • 2021-2022 - Pilot new ELA curriculum (K-5) focusing on phonics, phonemic awareness, decoding and fluency

For Teachers

  • 2018-2019 - Phonics Institute (K-2), Sonday & Heggerty Professional Learning (K-2)

  • 2019-2020 - LETRS training for reading specialists and instructional coaches

  • 2020-2021 - Reading Foundational Skills (K-5), Sonday PL (3-5), Patterns of Power (2-5)

  • 2021-2022 - LETRS teacher cohort & pilot program training

Board Accomplishments

Jennifer has served on the Lindbergh School Board for six years. She is running for re-election because she wants  to continue the work the Board has prioritized based on feedback from the community.  Some of the Board's accomplishments during her tenure include:


  • Tuition-free full day kindergarten

  • Prioritized in-person instruction post COVID closures

  • Creation of a Strategic Plan

  • Creation of a Master Facility Plan

  • Successful passage of Prop R for new high school construction

  • Gifted Center 

  • On-time high school construction

  • Safe and secure entrances at all buildings

  • Energy Savings Audit and implementation of plan

  • Zero-based budgeting to remove unnecessary expenditures

  • Professional learning and implementation in the science of reading

  • Increased communication & collaboration between administration & staff

Jennifer's Approach

Jennifer places value on the things that matter most: our students and the learning that takes place in our schools everyday.


She believes in looking at the “whole picture” and will continue the board's work in: 

  • structured literacy 

  • rigorous instruction 

  • safety and security 

  • oversight 

  • transparency 

  • fiscal responsibility

  • open two-way communication with stakeholders 


When Jennifer originally ran for the board, she wanted to effectively address Lindbergh's growing student enrollment, ensure strategic planning was taking place, repair relationships with staff, increase teacher morale, and include the community in setting priorities for the district. The successful negotiations cycles and ratifications of agreements point to her ability to collaborate to find beneficial outcomes for all. When she says she will work on something - she mean it.

Jennifer volunteers in many ways throughout the district. She believes it is important to be engaged in the community she serves as it gives her insight into the needs of the district and how to work towards improvements. 

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