Lindbergh Alum and Educator Endorses Miller

Updated: Feb 28

Peggy Robb, LHS Class of 1981 and retired grade school teacher with over 30 years at Lindbergh School District, has endorsed Jennifer Miller for Lindbergh School Board.

"I’m an educator, a Lindbergh graduate, a parent and grandparent of Lindbergh students and I’m voting to re-elect Jennifer Miller. Jennifer has shown her support for programs to help students and their diverse learning needs. For example, all students in grades K - 2nd benefit from extra reading support from Literacy Teacher Assistants to meet the needs of beginning readers. There are design labs that help students focus on collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking, all important skills in our ever changing world! I trust she will continue to make the best decisions for our students because her own children attend Lindbergh Schools. "

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